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New Paradigm Leaders Program

On January 21, 2017, about five million people peacefully protested in 673 marches on seven continents, unified in action to bring about world change. At the march in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a lady I didn’t know turned to me and said, “It’s a shame all this energy isn’t focused on creating something. We are all here, why not do something?”

The Energy Behind this Movement is Staggering!

People are demanding change, but don’t know whom to follow.

This raw energy of change can be used to create the new paradigm, or if unguided by love, can bury us in fear and anger.

Now is an amazing opportunity to build your business on love, rather than the fear based old paradigm.

Leaders connected to the heart and head aren’t enough anymore; also connect to your essence, feminine power, inner wisdom and passion.

What a thrilling (or terrifying) time to be alive!

Leading the Change


Are you one of the leaders who choose to witness and assist the birthing of the new paradigm of a beautiful future?

Your guts rumble, fury erupts from within. Weird symptoms occur. The awakening of humanity is happening in your body. Learn how to employ your anger for inner transmutation and world transformation.




You have the vision and the burning desire deep in your bones and soul essence to create change in the world.

A surging is taking place in your body; your essence is ready to radiate brilliantly. Your feminine wisdom, hidden for eons, is ripe, ready to blossom.

Enough of the old suppression, torture and hatred — this is the birthing of a new reality!

Birthing into the new paradigm is a dual process, an inner and external voyage. As you transform internally the external steps to creating your dreams become clear. Both evolve together, as your life changes, the world shifts, bringing in more love and joy into your body, life and the world.


You are invited. . .

The three-month New Paradigm Leaders Program is an initiation process to birth into yourSELF and your version of the new reality. Discover how to:

  • Transform your rage, sorrow and pain into joy, delight and positive action.
  • Clear out old blocked channels, creating wider pathways for your brilliance to flow.
  • Rewire your body to connect to your essence, power and pleasure.
  • Connect divergent parts of yourself, triggering exciting new insights and discoveries.
  • Replace inner terror with delight and pleasure.
  • Value your feminine wisdom.
  • Your vision and business develop hand-in-hand.
  • Evolve your life and business into a new reality.


Receive the tools you need:

  • Internal neural connections align with your vision.
  • An energetic container of safety, love and joy to gently hold you.
  • Cutting edge technologies speed up your transformation process.
  • Navigate the New Paradigm with understanding!

Leading the Change!

The Three-Month New Paradigm Leaders Program Includes:

  1. Eight private initiation sessions with me, either on the phone or Skype.

During the sessions the innate wisdom of your body leads the way for us to:

  • Activate and bring your exciting vision to life.
  • Rewire your body to connect with your powerful soul essence.
  • Connect to your unique joyful path.
  • Awaken your creativity to bridge inner and outer realities.
  • Trigger the manifestation of your dreams to birth into the new reality.
  • Discuss a series of inspired action steps for you to take.

                               Please listen to the audio to have a taste of a session.

2. You are held in an energetic container of safety and love to support your birthing process while your body connects to your radiant essence and feminine knowing. This process goes deep.

3. Each session is recorded. Listen to the MP3’s daily for optimum results. Many clients say they love to listen to the recordings before bed to support your the transformation takes place during the night.

  1. Weekly emails with me:
  • Check-in to see how you are doing
  • Answer your questions
  • Give you inspired action steps

5. Unique homework created just for you. I will assist you to open to receive your vision and inspiration with a variety of fun projects and action steps.

6. Art projects to awaken your vision. You don’t need to be an artist, listen to your inner knowing and creativity. Art is a window to your soul.

7. You will be encouraged to keep a journal. Writing is wonderful way to support your transformation process and trigger new insights. Writing down your inspiration is a step to the manifestation of your vision.

8. Together we will develop a plan, which will evolve over the three months, designed to support and manifest your unique vision.

APPLY NOW  I have designed a complimentary consultation (valued at $1200) specifically intended to identify the cutting-edge visionaries who are ready to work with me. During the Discovery Session call I will answer your questions and make sure we are a great match to work together.

What is YOUR Vision for the New Paradigm?

Everyone has a different role in creating the new realty. Your vision is unique. Your purpose is to share the gift of your soul essence with the world.

Inspire your clients and customers to shift from living in fear to living in love. Use your business to blaze a trail into the unknown to create the new paradigm. The people who share your vision will follow you; join you as you build a pathway and bridge to a new reality based on love.  As your vision unfolds, your life and business become so enticing that people are naturally drawn to you.

Your Journey . . .

The New Paradigm Leaders Program honors your journey; you’re creating something that has never been done before.

* You may not know where to start. You have the inner calling, the burning desire. Hidden inside, your creation is ready to manifest in the world. You know in your guts this is your time.

* You may see the vision, have an idea, but a vast unknown stands between where you are and the manifestation of your vision. You don’t know how to jump the gap between your vision and reality.

* Your vision may be manifesting but it’s time to take your business and life to the next level. You aren’t sure how to make your next move into the new paradigm.

We start where you are. . .

You are entering the birth canal between the old and the new paradigm. To fully make connect with your inner wisdom and radiance, you need new neural connections. The birthing of your divine essence, power and light merged with your cells, nervous system and DNA, connected as never before.

Safely come out of hiding. Shed the tight skin of limitation, lack and shame.  Discard the life-sucking veneer of living other people’s desires. Step by step a bridge between the old and new paradigm is built.

Firmly rooted in your feminine essence, you expand into your radiant SELF.

Dr. Cynthia is an alchemist, a midwife to guide you into the new paradigm and the birthing of YourSELF.

My clients are saying . . .

I am simply blown away. More accurately I am blown home. The concept of meeting fear with radical gratitude is a magic bullet for me. My internal environment was raging and for the first time all the pieces were there to handle my situation. The panic was instantly replaced by joy: total confidence builder. My life has radically transformed.

Tears of joy flowing from deep gratitude,

Shannon, Aspen, CO

I was astounded! Extremely happy that it is INDEED POSSIBLE to heal the mind and create new neural pathways. My life has altered so deeply, I now experience the MAGIC that results on the other side of the battlefield of the mind. I can’t even explain it except to say, it’s a feeling that “I am infinite” in every moment of my life!

Thank you Cynthia. I know you probably hear this all the time, but I wish you could look into my being and see how much gratitude I have for the work you do.

Missy, Seattle, WA

Working with Dr. Cynthia is like stepping into a world that you didn’t even know existed. It is of this body and yet reaches into unknown realms allowing the dots to be connected in new ways and fundamental shifts in reality to occur. With Cynthia’s help, I’m now living a new reality and a new life filled with abundance and love. Thank you!

Jean Marie, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Cynthia, your work is the strongest I’ve found. I LOVE the irony too that your voice on the phone is so sweet, nice and flowery yet the work being done is a downright ass-kicking!

Adam Gainsburg, Founder Soulsign

The Alchemist: Dr. Cynthia Miller

I’ve prepared for this time since I was six. My Dad was the construction engineer who took the Los Alamos scientists equations and actually created the first bombs. Imagining radioactive dust particles covering the earth, I couldn’t figure out how to remove the radiation from the soil, water and plants. When Dad came home after building the world’s first hydrogen bomb and watching it explode, I asked him, “Who will clean up the mess.” Such questions were not allowed, especially from a little girl; I was sent to my room. That triggered my sixty-five year search to discover how to create a new reality beyond war, fear and toxicity.

I have lived through horrifying and magical life experiences. I have transmuted the fear, terror and toxic radiation of 131 nuclear bombs energetically imprinted in my body, as a fetus and throughout my childhood.

In the 60’s and 70’s I lived in Berkeley, CA during the Free Speech Movement, protests and riots about the Vietnam War, and the birth of the Women’s Movement.

Busting through gender barriers, in 1976 I was one of the first women to become a professional ‘boatman’ to row a rubber raft through the life-eating rapids of the Grand Canyon. I was also the assistant leader on the world’s first Mt. Everest clean-up expedition. We picked up trash and built dumpsites up to 18,500’. I was the first woman with a Ph.D. to set up a private psychotherapy practice in Billings, MT in 1985. The male therapists tried to run me out of town and blackballed me from the Montana Psychological Association.

In 1985 I received a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change, the first of its kind, merging quantum physics, biology, spirituality and psychology. I’ve assisted my clients to rewire destructive neural programs and to connect to the light of their soul essence. With over thirty-five years of clinical expertise, I’ve watched thousands of my client’s shift from living in fear and suffering to embracing delight and joy.

I have the unique combination of expertise, experience and transformation tools necessary for radical lasting change. My groundbreaking work guides you beyond the fear, terror and corruption of the old paradigm to create a joyous new reality.




Included in Your New Paradigm Leaders Program:

  • Eight personal rewiring sessions with Dr. Cynthia by phone or Skype.
  • You are held in a safe sacred energetic container while you transform.
  • Sessions are recorded. For optimum results, listen to your MP3’s everyday.
  • Weekly email check-ins.
  • Unique homework just for you.
  • Art projects to awaken your vision.
  • Together we will develop a plan, which will evolve over the three months, designed to support and manifest your unique vision.

Say YES to your burning desire and inner knowing.

The price for this life-changing program is $16,000.



This is your time to shine!


The opportunity is ripe. Women are ready for change. The world wants your vision.


You have been waiting for such a long time; don’t let this pass you by.

Your heart, soul and pleasure are calling.


YES, I’m ready!

                     Read The Story Behind the Women’s Marches

Dr Cynthia

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©2016 Radiance Project, Dr Cynthia Miller



Dr Cynthia

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©2016 Radiance Project, Dr Cynthia Miller



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