Five ways to change your thoughts and your body:

1.     Movement– if you always move in the same patterns, your body gets stuck in that groove. Try new movements and new types of exercise. Allow your body to move and stretch in ways that might be strange or weird (you can do this while you’re alone!) If you dance the same steps to the same music, you are increasing your resistance to change.

2.     Music – New music, especially new types of music, opens up fresh energetic pathways in your body. These pathways can relate to novel ways of thinking and different ways of seeing reality and the world.

3.     De-Clutter. Get rid of your old junk. All your old stuff keeps you stuck in the same way of doing things. Plus keeping rubble around brings down your energy and stops the flow of abundance.

4.     Re-arrange your furniture. Change your home and your office to reflect the life you want to be living. The key is to change the furniture until it makes you smile. when you smile your brain changes, new hormones surge through your body, your thinking moves out of its old grove.

5.     Change your art – your brain and your thinking change as your visual stimulation shifts. Put up art that you love and watch your heart sing.

Make the process of change as fun as possible, otherwise you won’t want to do it!

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