Are you stuck about your next steps?

Your creativity and intuition lead the way for your business and life to unfold.

Let me explain. Sometimes, I forget that for me art always comes first. For me to move forward in my life and business I need to be inspired and I need to see my inspiration. I create art, and then my art informs me of my next steps.

I have a friend who is buying a new house. She is stuck about how to proceed. We had a talk and it became very clear she that needs to tend to her garden first. It was like a light bulb went off in her head. She knew that her garden would communicate her next steps to find her new home.

I know this may sound a bit weird, but it is true. What do you need to do to find your way? What triggers your flow and creative process? The process of creating opens up the channels for your essence to flow, insights arise and your next steps are revealed.

A client of mine just moved to a new city and was wondering how to start her business. The message for her was clear, plant your garden. In the process of planting her garden, everything fell into place for her business to take root and blossom.

Years ago when I started my Ph.D. program, I began by creating art. I drew cells in different stages of awakening and gridworks of cells interacting.

Scan 21Scan 26_2 Scan 27_2

After a year of research, everything came together and I ‘saw’ that my dissertation and work was about cellular transformation.

Another way for me to trigger new insights is to rearrange my house. New neural pathways are created in your brain when you move things around, create art or work with your hands.

Follow your inner knowing to create a magnificent lifestyle and business. Creating your business from the inside out is a fun, joyful process, rather than massive hard work!





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