Radiation to Radiance

Art Installation

The Radiance Project Art Installation is a journey of personal and collective transformation. Art, photography, historical documents and a hand-painted kimono weave together the story of transforming nuclear radiation.

The photos for each tetrad are from left to right:

  • Photos of bombs Dr. Miller’s father built and watched explode.
  • Art created as radiation came out Dr. Miller’s body. (She saw the bomb photos 9 years after making the paintings.)
  • Flower photos, from The Art of Radical Gratitude, show the inner shift happening.
  • Fireworks photos, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, represent transformation.
The Tetrads:   Trinity Trinity   birthing tetrad Birthing New Worlds   crazy tetrad Crazy   stark terror Stark Terror   pounding red rage Pounding Red Rage   island Annihilation   shock waves Shock Waves   rush of war Rush of War


IMG_9117   IMG_9143








After sewing and hand-painting the silk kimono, i torched it. The flames took hold and burned the left side, the feminine side.


The microcosm of one individual reflects the plight and transformation of humanity. All of mankind has been touched by nuclear radiation. Art is a universal language that has the power to transcend and unite us as one human race. The Radiance Project is a platform for creating change in the world.

The Story     Bomb Certificates


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