Art Installation

The Radiance Project Art Installation is a journey of personal and collective transformation. Art, photography, historical documents and a hand-painted kimono weave together the story of transforming nuclear radiation.

The photos for each tetrad are from left to right:

  • Photos of bombs Dr. Miller’s father built and watched explode.
  • Art created as radiation came out Dr. Miller’s body. (She saw the bomb photos 9 years after making the paintings.)
  • Flower photos, from The Art of Radical Gratitude, show the inner shift happening.
  • Fireworks photos, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, represent transformation.

The Tetrads:   Trinity Trinity

Birthing New Worlds


Stark Terror

Pounding Red Rage


Shock Waves

Rush of War



After sewing and hand-painting the silk kimono, I torched it. The flames took hold and burned the left side, the feminine side.

To learn more about the creation and evolution of the Radiance Project see my Art & Creativity page.

The microcosm of one individual reflects the plight and transformation of humanity. All of mankind has been touched by nuclear radiation. Art is a universal language that has the power to transcend and unite us as one human race. The Radiance Project is a platform for creating change in the world.

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