New Web Connections

Recently I read a Facebook post by a young woman who was conflicted about creating her business on her own terms, or taking online trainings about how to make money on the Internet. Her post got me thinking about discovering how to thrive in the emerging paradigm. I...

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How do you know its plutonium?

People ask, ”How do you know its plutonium?” I always want to ask, how do you know if you have a headache or a hangover? How could I not know? It feels like rusted barbed wire being yanked through my brain, then it hits my lymphatic system and is painful all they way...

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Nuclear Emergency

What is happening right now in Fukushima, Japan with three of the five nuclear reactors being at risk brings up a feeling of helplessness that goes back as far as I can remember. 1976 in Greifswald, East Germany a radioactive core of reactor in the Lubmin nuclear...

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Radiation Around the World   As seen in this time-lapse map of nuclear explosions video, by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto, we are all touched by the affects of nuclear bombs. From 1945 to 1998 about 2053 nuclear explosions have been detonated all...

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5 Ways to Change

Five ways to change your thoughts and your body: 1.     Movement- if you always move in the same patterns, your body gets stuck in that groove. Try new movements and new types of exercise. Allow your body to move and stretch in ways that might be strange or weird (you...

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Living with Plutonium-239

People ask what it is like to live with plutonium radiation toxicity, and then they don’t like what I have to say. The words and feeling that arise when the radiation is pouring out my body goes like this: unfit to live, undeserving, unworthy, unlovable scum,...

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Human Planet Wow, what an amazing video! Imagine a world where we could let each other be, instead of having to convert the other to our way. There are so many incredible, beautiful diverse ways to be on earth. Let us celebrate this...

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