Pleasure Transforms DNA

Deep cellular transformation is a radical way to change your life, humanity and the world. The metamorphosis of DNA and neural programs is the game changer. Ancient fear programmed in humanity for eons is replaced with love. This is a process that only a few dare to enter, and yet, the rewards are beyond imagination. Magnificent body-soul connection, ancient wisdom and overflowing pleasure emerge and expand.

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The Six-Year-Old Politicians

Imagine you are a six year old in a schoolyard. Fenced in, contained, under the rule of bullies and the authorities. Mull over the idea that the old patriarchal paradigm was put in place and is run by six-year-olds. The reality is the authorities have grown-up bodies,...

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New Web Connections

Recently I read a Facebook post by a young woman who was conflicted about creating her business on her own terms, or taking online trainings about how to make money on the Internet. Her post got me thinking about discovering how to thrive in the emerging paradigm. I...

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Inner Erotic

When the connection between your heart and genitals is broken, you don’t know how to find what you love. The deeper the cut between your heart and yoni, or feminine genitals, the further you are from fully experiencing true passion and living your purpose. For...

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A few days after my 70th birthday, I set aside time to decide whether or not to continue my private practice. Before I sat down to contemplate, I checked and there was an email from my first client after I received my Ph.D. in 1985. I haven’t heard from her in...

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Turning 70!

Instead of hiding my age, I’m flaunting it! By some miracle I’m still alive. I can walk and talk, even though at 50 I couldn’t string four words together in a sentence, and at 25 I couldn’t walk. For years my nightly prayer was to die to escape the pain and horror....

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Necklace of My Mother’s Dresses

What does business and branding have to do with making a necklace? When I started making this necklace my mind kept chattering that this was meaningless work. I needed to stick to my marketing plan. I quieted the screaming in my head and followed my fingers to my...

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How do you know its plutonium?

People ask, ”How do you know its plutonium?” I always want to ask, how do you know if you have a headache or a hangover? How could I not know? It feels like rusted barbed wire being yanked through my brain, then it hits my lymphatic system and is painful all they way...

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Art Comes First!

Are you stuck about your next steps? Your creativity and intuition lead the way for your business and life to unfold. Let me explain. Sometimes, I forget that for me art always comes first. For me to move forward in my life and business I need to be inspired and I...

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Terror, Pain and Gratitude

We are becoming more aware of the pain in our lives and in the lives of others. The incident at the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, Japan is awakening us to profound pain in the world. On an unconscious level we are picking up this pain and terror. The depth of terror...

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Dr. Cynthia

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