Living with Plutonium-239

People ask what it is like to live with plutonium radiation toxicity, and then they don’t like what I have to say. The words and feeling that arise when the radiation is pouring out my body goes like this: unfit to live, undeserving, unworthy, unlovable scum,...

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Human Planet Wow, what an amazing video! Imagine a world where we could let each other be, instead of having to convert the other to our way. There are so many incredible, beautiful diverse ways to be on earth. Let us celebrate this...

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Folding Paper Cranes

Leonard Bird, author of Folding Paper Cranes, and 900 other Marines were ordered to dig foxholes and witness the largest-ever above-ground detonation of a nuclear weapon, in Yucca Flats, Nevada. His book details his involvement in early atomic tests and his travels in the affected areas near Hiroshima.

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Birthing a New Reality

In 1995 I was diagnosed with plutonium and heavy metal poisoning.  As the radiation was coming out of my body, I started painting with my hands. At night when I went to bed, colors pulsated throughout my body, demanding expression, so I got up and painted. While...

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Art, War and Conflict

Dirk Breiding, curator of the Connections: War and Conflict exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art states, “One of the questions that doesn't seem to let me go is whether war is some kind of human condition.” I too have struggled with that thought. When will we...

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Today I am working on the inner layer of the kimono for the Radiance Project. This is the layer of my terrors, horrors, and pain. The purpose of the kimono is to come to an inner resolution and to heal the war within.  I can feel all the places in my heart that need...

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A blog about Radiance should lift people up and focus on the good. But, the process of shining a light on the totally despicable is a way to transform consciousness. The denial of the negative aspects of plutonium radiation only serves to keep the whole issue hidden....

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