Dr. Cynthia

Dr Cynthia ~

Transformation Mentor

I am an artist and a doctor of cellular transformation.

I am a catalyst for evolutionary change.

I love helping people dream-up their personal lifestyle and businesses. There is such great freedom in living your life from the inside out.

Read on to see how highlights of my life weave together to uniquely qualify me to guide you on your private journey. I can help you to spark your passion to create your amazing life.

The Inside Story ~ 

Fashion, Lace and Seeing into Cells

Berkeley, CA 60’s & 70’s

I was living in Berkeley and going to Fashion Design School in San Francisco during the height of the era of Hippies, Free Speech Movement, and new ways of thinking.

A core group of four of us created Fiber Allusions; sisal nets that draped around three huge city blocks, up five stories high, all around the iconic Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco.  My huge lace sculpture hung in the lobby of the Transamerica Pyramid.  I also was a part of a fiber art exhibit in the Rainbow Show, the avant-garde show in a world-renowned de Young Museum.  1974

Near Death & Cellular Transformation, Ph.D.

After a near death experience from a medical treatment in 1974, a luminous bolt of energy shot up my spine and out the top of my head, igniting an entirely new world for me. Ever since then I can see cells, neural patterns, DNA and multiple dimensions and much more, all at the same time!

To understand and explore what happened in that life changing split-second, in 1985 I received a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change.

My dissertation wove together quantum physics, molecular biology, cytology, psychology, psychoanalysis, Jungian Analysis, family therapy, systems theory, healing arts, spirituality, metaphysics, shamanism, and consciousness.

Guide into the Unknown

I am a guide into the wilds, and one of the world’s first female white-water river guides. For five years I safely rowed my passengers through life-devouring rapids on the countries wildest and most dangerous rivers.

The river experience opened the people into deep uncharted inner territory. I loved creating the journey for my passengers to experience great joy and inner transformation.

I’ve guided people into the wilds of raw nature and lone inner landscapes for decades.



Inner Guide

For over 35 years I have been in private practice rewiring neural programs all the way down to the DNA in thousands of clients with amazing results.

My client’s lives radically transform as they evolve and expand into greater inner peace, joy and freedom!


Weaving the Pieces Together

It is amazing how all my years of lace making gives me the skill to energetically unravel the gnarled, twisted and encrusted nerve bundles locking in the past.

My lifetime of sewing and playing with zippers helps me to unzip the shadows around your DNA and the zip in the codes from your soul.

Bombs & Toxins

I am also the daughter of a man who built bombs for a living. He had front row seating to watch 131 atomic and nuclear bombs explode. And then he came home imprinted with massive radioactive energy. For much of my life I was violently ill with weapons grade plutonium poisoning. The horror, terror and trauma of the nuclear explosions was wired into my body.

Deep in my cells, I discovered how to separate the radiant light from the destruction of the exploded bombs.  I learned how to use the burst of light to transmute my body. I’ve devoted most of my life to healing, well really, alchemical transmutation.

Radiation to Radiance

Bomb my father watched explode, my art, my flower photo from my book, my photo of the transformation of light

Photo: Bomb my father watched explode, my art as the radiation came out my body, my flower photo from my book, my photo of the transformation of light

In 1995, when the plutonium radiation was furiously dripping energetic flames out of my body, I started painting with my hands. Ten years later, after I inherited the documents about my father’s work, I found photos on the Internet of the bombs my father helped design, build and watch explode.

My art and the bomb photos were shockingly similar. The photos from my book The Art of Radical Gratitude were again amazingly comparable and added to the mix. This was the birth of the Radiation to Radiance Project in 2010.  This is a multi-media art installation inviting people to see war and peace from a new perspective.

Hibakusha Stories

The Radiation to Radiance Project opened the door for Hibakusha Stories to invite me on two speaking tours to New York City in 2012-13.

When I met survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, face to face, the shame and guilt I had carried my whole life transformed.

I burst into tears when Shigeko Sasamori presented me this beautiful kimono and said, “Welcome to the family.”

President Truman’s grandson, Clifton Truman Daniel, joined us to complete the world-wide coming together that took place. President Truman signed the bill to drop the bombs on Japan.

All together we spoke with thousands of New York City high school students.

Hibakusha Stories – May 2012

As a part of Hibakusha Stories, Hiroshima survivor, Reiko Yamada and I shared our stories of nuclear radiation.

Spiritual Awakening

Sitting in a tiny cave about the size of a bathtub, carved out of the core of sacred Mt. Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai, India, I had a spiritual awakening. For eight days and nights I was in the out-of-body state of ecstasy, nirvana, bliss, Samadhi, satori, and Oneness. This is the indescribable state of the mystics.

Returning back to the States, the message was very clear, bring the divine into my cells and body. Follow the path through the feminine to embody light and pleasure.

I had to go to India and sit in a cave to profoundly understand that denying my body, searching outside myself, or following others was definitely not the path for me. I’ve had to learn this over and over, each time in a different area of my life. The neurological and chemical programs of the old paradigm are so deeply imbedded in the psyche and cells.



When I was 60, I sold my house, put everything in storage and was traveling to see where I wanted to live. I went camping in the Colorado Rockies.

When I came out of the wilderness, I discovered that my life savings had disappeared in the stock market and almost everything I owned had been stolen out of the storage company.

I had nothing; I reinvented my life from the ground up.


I was homeless, living in my tent in the wilderness, penniless, and in massive physical pain. I saw no reason to live. And then, ‘Choose gratitude’, erupted from my guts shot up through my heart and ignited my thoughts.

Gratitude came along, saving me from the pit of self-annihilation, despair, suicide, pain and suffering. Through the process of learning how to use spiraling gratitude to transform my cellular layers, I healed myself from shooting pains in my neck, hypoglycemia, trauma, and numerous other health and emotional issues.

World Travel

World Travel

I love to travel. It’s in my blood. In 1959 we moved to the remote desert of Iran.

I attended La Chatelainie, a girl’s boarding school in Neuchatel and Gstaad, Switzerland.

In 1964 we lived in India and frequently traveled from our home in New Delhi to Ketri, a tiny village in Rajasthan.

I was born and raised in Southern California, and have been around the world 6 times.

In 1976 I was the assistant leader on the first Mt. Everest, Nepal clean-up expedition. We trekked up to 18,500′ to the base of Mt. Everest and along the way picked up trash and built dumpsites.

Later another woman and I climbed Gokyo Pass. Using ice axes and crampons we scaled an 18,000′ glacier.

Interior Design

Interior Design

One day I was helping a client add more personal delight to her corporate office. When I moved her desk just a few inches I could see an energetic alignment take place. Five minutes later she received a call and closed a million dollar contract!

I love to help my clients create homes and offices to reflect their essence and soul. . . all the way down to their DNA.

When your environment has space for you to exp;ore your passions and talents, your life blossoms.

My Luscious LifeStyle

I’ve been living in magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the past seven years. I love to lounge in the sun in one of my garden patios, watching the hummingbirds flit from flower to flower, while savoring chocolate truffles made of local honey and pure Oaxacan chocolate. Did you know chocolate originally came from Mexico? The seeds were so valuable they were used as currency.

Along with working with my clients,  I love to work on my latest book, dine with friends, and create new fashions and jewelry.

My delightful garden provides an abundance of fresh limes, juicy pomegranates, roses and bougainvilleas. Everyday I am filled with joy and delight. The colors, beauty and the people feed my soul.

Enjoying cultural events, leisurely strolling down the historic cobblestone streets of San Miguel, visiting art galleries and organic markets are all a part of my luscious lifestyle. Of course, there are vacations to the beach and other exotic places.

Curriculum Vitae

What does your dream life look like?

I can help you make it happen. I’ve reinvented myself and my life countless times and I’m highly skilled to facilitate your unique transformation.  I would love to assist you to create a lifestyle filled with love and passion.

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