Learn the six steps to transform fear into a powerful gift. Instead of acting out of fear, respond from a place of pleasure and delight. Practice this process whenever fear pops up and watch your life transform.

In the 1970’s I was one of the first female white water river guides. On the river I learned how to transform fear and use it’s power to maneuver my boat and passengers through life-threatening rapids. Since then I have discovered the process to shift neural programs from fear into power and pleasure.

Watch this video to hear about the process of transforming fear.

1. Envision the fear in front of you. When fear is triggered, a biological process takes over your rational thought. In your brain the fear stimulus goes directly to your thalamus and then to the amygdala before the signal reaches your neocortex.

Your focus turns to survival, which triggers one of the three unconscious fear survival mechanisms, fight, flight or freezes. This survival mechanism directs your reaction before your rational brain has time to contemplate.

Most of the time your nervous system can’t differentiate between real events, what you see in a movie or read in the newspaper. The stimulus activates a chain reaction in your nervous system. Until you consciously shift your neural program, this innate response takes over. This process of developing your consciousness changes your internal wiring.

2. Connect into the earth, open up your feet. Consciously connect to what’s underneath you, the floor, the earth, a river, snow, or ice. Bring your awareness fully into your body. Imagine your body is lined up so that the earth and your feminine wisdom are connected to your brain. Release your resistance and contraction. Overriding your fear mechanism takes practice. Over time, in specific circumstances you can learn how to quickly bypass your amygdala hijacking process.

3. Thank your fear. An effective way to shift your energy is to thank your fear. When you thank fear it looses it’s death grip on you. Fear can’t exist when surrounded by love and gratitude. Metaphorically look the fear in the eye and thank it. Imagine gratitude and love spiraling around the cloud of fear.

4. Put the energy behind you. The energy connected with the wall of fear is now free and available for you to use. Imagine you can place the energy behind your body, on your back.

5. Use the energy to propel you forward. Use this energy as the momentum, the boost to make it through your obstacle. The raw energy that was connected to your fear can be used however you decide. Channel the energy into the projects you are working on, your goals and dreams.

6. Embrace the gift. A transformation occurs in your body and mind that can bring about a new way of seeing and clarity. This can be a moment of transcendence and connecting with your essence that is usually beyond words. Your power and pleasure start to mingle. The merging triggers a flow and circulation that brings vitality, aliveness and joy. With each step you are closer to living your dream life.

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