Gratitude and forgiveness are two powerful ways to change your brain, shift your thinking, and change your world. When we resist or fight against something we don’t want, that gives it more energy and continues its existence.

The process of giving thanks for something you do not want creates an energetic shift that opens to healing and ultimately release. Sometimes this is hard, however, in gratitude and giving thanks, the process of resistance dissolves the old and creates an opening for the new. The old carved out spaces of fear, pain, hatred, and anger can be transformed through gratitude and forgiveness to contain more of your essence to create deeper joy and delight in your life.

One of the amazing aspects of gratitude is that its high vibration works with both the wanted and unwanted. When giving thanks for the destructive negative aspects, the high vibration of gratitude melts, dissolves or releases these negative energies. On the other hand, gratitude increases the strength and potency of the aspects that are positive and wanted. This makes the process very easy; give gratitude to everything and everything will naturally sort itself out. Forgiveness works in a similar way to transform your inner landscape.

The high frequencies of gratitude and forgiveness accelerate the emergence of your new reality.  As your life changes it ripples out into the world.

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