Wow, what an amazing video! Imagine a world where we could let each other be, instead of having to convert the other to our way. There are so many incredible, beautiful diverse ways to be on earth. Let us celebrate this diversity, richness and multiple expressions of joyous aliveness, rather than trying to make people conform to a single idea, religion or political view.

We can each mind our own business and let our neighbors be. Imagine all the wondrous colors that make a beautiful painting, each person, each culture is a unique gift to this incredible life! How boring it would be to eat the same meal three times a day, everyday, or, having the sky, trees, flowers, earth, your home and clothes all the same color. We like diversity in our food and clothes. Why not in our neighbors and the world?

We do not need to have the same thoughts and beliefs, but we also do not need to kill people just because they like green and you like blue. Both are OK. We can be in joy, laugh and enjoy each others company, without blowing each other to bits.




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