When the connection between your heart and genitals is broken, you don’t know how to find what you love. The deeper the cut between your heart and yoni, or feminine genitals, the further you are from fully experiencing true passion and living your purpose.

For millennia it has been totally forbidden and taboo for a woman to sink into and delight in her own inner transformation. The inner erotic, the juice of life has been given away, or taken by a lover, mate, or even a stranger. To swim in and luxuriate in the deep reservoir of dark tantalizing empowering fluid, and use it for your own transformation, is truly radical.

Our culture perpetuates the belief that this level of ecstasy, cellular orgasm, is not allowed. Women have been trained to deny passion. Now, more women are learning how to use their erotic energy for their personal transformation and to fuel their businesses.

It’s all about letting your sexual energy flow. What turns you on? What are your desires? Literally, what makes you wet, hot and juicy? What makes your heart beat a little bit faster? What makes your toes open up, spread out, and want to curl backwards? What makes you want to get up and move around? What makes the tightness in your neck relax? What entices your shoulders to drop, and allows the energy slowly trickle down and tingle your inner thighs? What makes your labia get slightly bigger, turn a bit pinker and start to get hot? What are your triggers?

In your inner erotic, the Shakti, or feminine energy, builds and recycles to revitalize and create a resonance pathway to your heart. The energy grows between your yoni, perineum, and anus and is stored in your womb. The love then flows and fills all the unloved, half-dead spaces. Thank you, whispers your grateful heart, and the cells respond as more love permeates your body.

Your deep dimensionless cavity holds the capacity to fuel your body. The vibration from your womb reservoir ripples out all the way down to your toes, fingers and head. This is the frequency of the creative life force, the cycle of life and death, and the great mystery. You are connecting with your true nature, not the one cut off by thoughts or judgments, but a reality that resonates fully as a whole, integrated being. This is where you find your passion and your purpose.

Sinking into the great mystery with every atom and cell of your body, such deep peace is met, a true home and safety in the midst of all the chaos. This is the ancient deep source of wisdom where the physical meets the spiritual and the universal.

This connection between heart and yoni has been, and still is, violently cut off for one third of women in the world. As you strengthen your erotic wave, you help other women have the courage to find inner union. Merging with your sensual power source is a way of bringing peace, balance and harmony into your life and the world.


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