One of the best ways to create more peace in the world is to start with yourself. As you create more inner peace within yourself, that will reflect in the world.

Gregg Braden‘s book “The Divine Matrix“, states that ‘the minimum number of people required to jump start a change in consciousness is the square root of 1% of a population.’ The population of the planet is about 6.8 billion. This means that only 8,244 people are needed to bring about a shift in consciousness, to bring about peace, harmony, and joy!

The Radiance Project aims to assist in this shift in consciousness. The art installation will assist people to see war and peace from a new perspective and trigger new ways of thinking. This shift of thinking, when sparked on a large enough scale, can create a critical mass to ignite a shift in world consciousness. Together we can envision a world of greater peace and harmony. Thank you!

For more about the brain see How Your Brain Works Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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