Will you join me on this journey? It will be the most exciting ride of your life, way beyond anything you can imagine. The journey is filled with fear, luminescent light, catch your breath panic, ever expanding joy, pounding red rage, and bliss, to name a few. Using gratitude to transform what is hiding in your body and unconscious will open up new levels of consciousness.

This process is not about leaving your body in a meditative state, only to return to all the darkness within. The process is to go into the darkness within, spin gratitude to what ever arises, watch it transform, and burst into the realm you tried so hard to reach through meditation. Then, the next area comes up to be cleared, an endless process of transformation, growing consciousness and awakening.

Once you shine your inner bright light, then the areas that have been in the darkness can be seen. After some time in India, for eight days and nights, I was in a state of nirvana, ecstasy, and bliss. It felt like my feet didn’t even touch the earth when I walked. Everything was beauty; even the filthy, smelly beggars looked beautiful. Inner peace reined, my heart expanded to include all. There were no problems, no pain, nothing to figure out, nowhere to go, ever-present rapture.

Then I came back to the United States to face four months of excruciating terror. The black abyss was vast enough to devour the whole world. There were many nights when I would stare at the flame of a candle just to make it through the black terror. This was before I discovered the power of gratitude!

It only takes a few people to lift up all of humanity. As Gregg Braden says, it only takes the square root of one percent to make the critical mass that we need to make this shift! When more of humanity awakens, amazing ideas for feeding everyone, healing others, and honoring the environment will emerge. I would love for you to join me on this journey. Bring more gratitude and forgiveness into your life and watch the world transform!



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