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Transform Your Business or LifeStyle

Have you sacrificed your health, passion or joy?

 Are you ready for change?

  • Are you experiencing an internal rumbling, a demand for something different?
  • Do you see the bigger picture but don’t know how to get from where you are to where you see yourself?
  • Does your lifestyle and business support and protect you in these turbulent times?

Leave the frenzy behind . . .

What do you really want to

experience in your amazing life?

Journey within

Is your whole body thirsting for more, not the shallow more of consumer goods, but more delight and deep satisfaction?

Reconnect to your secret, powerful inner wisdom.

Clearly revealed, the path is illuminated by your feminine essence.

Refine the delicate dance between doing and being, giving and receiving, power and surrender.

Learn to trust which path is best for you to follow!

into the Void . . .

I am your guide into the unknown. I’ll assist you to rescue your forgotten magic and to create the bridge connecting your inner Truth to manifesting your vision.

The mysterious way into your inner Truth has been hidden for eons, shrouded in secrecy to protect your precious gifts.

I’ve guided people into lone inner landscapes and the wilds of raw nature for decades.

more . . .

I’m one of the first women white water river guides. For five years the river taught me her secrets. I learned how to use fear to majestically
propel my boat and passengers through life-devouring rapids.

Over the past thirty-five years I’ve assisted thousands of women to transform their lives.

I have a Ph.D. in The Psychology of Change and Cellular Transformation. My groundbreaking thesis took place in 1985. Since then, scientific research has continually affirmed my cutting-edge hypothesis based in physics, biology, spirituality and psychology.

My work expands all the way from clearing energetic spaces, creating home and office interiors that support your soul, to how your clothes reflect your essence, to transmuting your DNA and cellular patterns. Discover more…

I’ve transversed my own depths with profound inner dives and emerged from the horrors of nuclear bombs, toxic plutonium radiation and sexual abuse. I know the process of transformation within my cells, neurons and DNA. Energetically streaming through to the other side, a new reality, aliveness and inner peace is revealed.

Transformation is the essence of everything I do. I have developed a vast toolkit to assist with your life changing transformation.

Gift yourself the support you need and want. My private mentoring program incorporates a variety of tools, processes, phone and Skype sessions, and much more to assist you to kindle your inner spark and reinvent your life. Apply here.

Discover inside . . .

  • Uncover Your Passion
  • Connect to YOUR Inner Truth
  • Ignite Your Creative Force

I am simply blown away. More accurately I am blown home. The concept of meeting fear with radical gratitude is a magic bullet for me. My internal environment was raging and for the first time all the pieces were there to handle my situation. The panic was instantly replaced by joy: total confidence builder. My life has radically transformed.

Tears of joy flowing from deep gratitude, Shannon, Aspen, CO

Cynthia, your work is the strongest I’ve found. I LOVE the irony too that your voice on the phone is so sweet, nice and flowery yet the work being done is a downright ass-kicking!

Adam Gainsburg, Founder Soulsign

I have the expertise you want . . .

In your private mentoring program you will create new neural pathways and bridge to your motherboard in a totally new way. We follow the direction of your inner Truth to reinvent your lifestyle or business.

Included are one-on one phone or Skype sessions, individualized processes, art projects, journaling and inspired action steps, all specifically designed for you!

I have a limited number of spots for this life-changing program. I review each application personally before scheduling a phone Discovery Session. During the call I will answer your questions and we will explore this exciting transformation process of our working together. Apply Now.

Working with Dr. Cynthia is like stepping into a world that you didn’t even know existed. It is of this body and yet reaches into unknown realms allowing the dots to be connected in new ways and fundamental shifts in reality to occur. For years now, I’ve known considerable financial challenges. With Cynthia’s help, I’m now living a new reality and a new life filled with abundance and love. Thank you!

Jean Marie, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I was astounded! Extremely happy that it is INDEED POSSIBLE to heal the mind and create new neural pathways. My life has altered so deeply, I now experience the MAGIC that results on the other side of the battlefield of the mind. I can’t even explain it except to say, it’s a feeling that “I am infinite” in every moment of my life!

Thank you Cynthia. I know you probably hear this all the time, but I wish you could look into my being and see how much gratitude I have for the work you do.

Missy, Seattle, WA

 Take back YOUR life!

Turn-ON Your Radiance!

  • Claim your power
  • Speak your truth
  • Open and receive love and abundance
  • Embody your pleasure

LOVE YOUR LIFE – inside and out!

                Your new life is waiting


Invest in Your FUTURE . . .    

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Experience Dr. Cynthia’s life-changing work.

Do you expand with the excitement of new possibilities and then contract with fear or not knowing your next steps?

Get the support you need to change your life and open to your vision.

Apply now! Transform your lifeStyle or business and change your anger and fear into joy and love.

I’ve been living in Mexico for the past seven years. Magical San Miguel de Allende has been nominated the #1 destination city in the world, the foodie capital of Mexico, and is a center for artists, authors and Creatives. Everyday, walking down the street, I am filled with joy and delight. Colors, beauty and beautiful people feed my soul.

Discover more about what makes me uniquely qualified to be your guide. I would love to help you create the business or lifestyle so you can live your dreams. Apply now

With love,

Dr. Cynthia

Dr Cynthia

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