Recently I read a Facebook post by a young woman who was conflicted about creating her business on her own terms, or taking online trainings about how to make money on the Internet. Her post got me thinking about discovering how to thrive in the emerging paradigm.

I must admit if I were a young woman in the business world today, I would do everything differently. Now there is a totally new way to succeed. Let me reveal what I’ve learned from the old business model and what’s happening now with the Internet.

Back in the 80’s, the way for a woman to be successful in the male dominant world was to beat them at their game. To be taken seriously, I chose to receive the highest degree possible. And to stay safe, I kept my mouth shut about what I was really doing. I even became ordained in the Universal Life Church since ministers can legally perform healings.

My ideas and theories were so far out that I needed scientific backing. To begin to explain what I saw and knew in my guts, I used multiple disciplines to squish my wisdom into the tiny boxes of the old paradigm. To obtain my doctorate, I wove together the diverse sciences of quantum physics, biology, psychology, Jungian Analysis, Shamanism, cytology, and family therapy. Now, over thirty years later, the emerging fields of neurobiology, DNA research, epigenetics and brain science confirm the theories of my dissertation.

I was the first woman psychotherapist with a Ph.D. in Billings, Montana in 1985. After meeting me at my office opening, the male doctors joined forces and tried to run me out of town. They sent their top dog therapist to take me to lunch. I arrived in my usual work attire. A soft light grey fitted jacket, silk blouse, just above the knee length skirt, stockings, heals and pearls. I was used to conducting business meetings in beautiful restaurants with delicious food. I was shocked when he took me to a white Formica-top table dive that served greasy toasted cheese sandwiches and hamburgers.

He told me that after seeing crystals in my office the men concluded I was a ‘three-headed snake.’ He said the other therapists in town wouldn’t refer clients to me. I learned that they intended to black ball me from the Montana Psychological Association. What a relief to know that I didn’t have to go to meetings, create papers for peer review, and listen to their bullshit. I could stay home and play with my son. I was so thankful for the information, much to his surprise I picked up the lunch tab.

I never advertised. Women flocked to my office, all by word of mouth. One woman burst into tears when she saw the peach blush walls and cozy velvet couch with soft pillows in my office. “Oh thank goodness I can breathe,” were the first words out of her mouth. Many miraculous healings occurred.

I paid off my small business loan in record time. Exactly one year and a week after arriving in Montana, my three year old and I moved into our new home. I purchased a passive solar house with one acre of organic gardens, a mountain stream gurgled through the back yard. I was a single mom with no financial support from my son’s father.

But now, we live in a different world. The game changer is the Internet. Some say it levels the playing field. I say the World Wide Web is an entirely new game. As a seventy-year-old woman, the Internet is intimidating and intriguing. It has taken me a while to wrap my brain around the vast possibilities and magic of the multi-layered, multi-dimensional web.

The old business model has adapted to this new playing field, using the web to further business based on fear, greed and supremacy. The old paradigm players want you to believe there is only one path, one layer, and one dimension to running a successful business. This model announces vast possibilities, but seen through the lens of the decaying paradigm of linear thought. I think this was creating the confusion in the young woman’s FB post.

In this new playing field the web doesn’t exist in one dimension. The unseen web exists on multi-dimensions. Imagine an energetic cocoon wrapped around the earth made up of a multitude of layers of threads woven together. These networks are being created every moment. You can choose which strands you want to link up with.

I’m watching a new path emerge. I just read Fast Companies latest issue of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. Each person in their own way is tapping into the open field of possibilities made possible by the Internet. Each fabricated a business model made up of pieces of themselves that fit their uniqueness. Just like my process of weaving together multiple disciplines to create my groundbreaking Ph.D., entrepreneurs are bringing together divergent parts of themselves to create something new.

Instead of connecting to the old business model, follow your feminine pleasure and do what turns you on. It’s not about squeezing yourself into a narrow niche; it’s about creating your own delicious path that attracts others. You exist on multiple-dimensions; have multi-talents and many facets that make up who you are.

A Renaissance is taking place. Expand into your vastness and target what you love. Use the web to connect with your peeps, your tribe, and the people who love what you love. Build a local or global network of people who stand for and do things you love. Find new playmates to come together to manifest the world of your dreams.

The network I envision is a web of beautiful hearts woven together, wrapping love around the globe. People connected to their roots, in awe of nature’s beauty, turned on by helping others succeed. A sharing, a coming together of a global community gathered together under the galaxies, stars and sun, to deepen and expand into greater love and beauty.

The Internet is open to vast possibilities. Can you imagine a global playing field of innovative thinkers, artists, visionaries, and cutting edge people with groundbreaking ideas to promote a sustainable life filled with love?

What would it feel like to create a wave big enough to shift the tide? What a rush! Goodness knows the crazies in the world could use an influx of relief, a movement of fresh air, and an upsurge of love.

I’m starting a FB group to do just that! All are welcome – artists, scientists, visionaries, star seeds, Creatives, Ph.D.’s, Indigos and the misfits. Many of you are hiding, trying not to be seen. It’s time to come out and play!

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