As seen in this time-lapse map of nuclear explosions video, by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto, we are all touched by the affects of nuclear bombs. From 1945 to 1998 about 2053 nuclear explosions have been detonated all over the world, with the windfall traveling to distant regions. We have witnessed an increase in cancer, mysterious diseases, and extinct species, to name a few. Perhaps is it time to use this as a wake up call for humanity to start thinking and acting in new ways.

The personal story of the Radiance Project is a universal story. My personal transformation can become a universal transformation.

We have been reacting from the ancient reptilian part of our brains. Are you ready to consciously create a new reality for yourself and for the world? It all starts within your own body and your own brain. Together we can create a sustainable world for all. Thank you!

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