Have you noticed an increasing intensity in your life lately? We are in a time of great evolutionary change that is affecting each of us. This process is taking many people back to their cellular origins and propelling them into a state expanded consciousness.

So, how on a personal level do you navigate this time?  There is a tremendous opportunity to clear the cellular memories in your body. For many, these memories are arising of their own accord. This can be frightening, or, you can fell like all the inner you have been doing for so long hasn’t done any good. It may feel like you are back at square one.

Ocean of Unconsciousness

The reality is, the depth of the ocean of unconsciousness is coming to the surface to be seen and transformed. As your light gets brighter, more of the hidden fears and terrors get revealed. All the emotions, thoughts, feelings and patterns that have been stuffed in the hidden nooks and crannies of your body are demanding to be seen and dealt with.

I know it seems crazy to thank these inner demons as they appear, but that is the path to take to clear the way for the new. The waves of the journey are increasing. Ridging these waves may be the most thrilling ride of your life. The life vest of gratitude will get you safety through the turbulent waters of the unconscious.

With each crest of the wave of light, wellbeing and delight, the subsequent dive into the darkness and unconscious goes deeper, as the light and the darkness intensity. As you realize that the ride is about expanding your consciousness, bringing more of the unconscious into the light of consciousness, the ride gets more fun and enjoyable. Thank all of it with Spinning Gratitude. The key is to keep the gratitude moving through your body and your mind.

Shifting Your Brain

Our nervous systems and our brains are shifting dramatically to come into balance and to create the new neural circuitry to live in greater consciousness. This is the first time in human history where a critical mass of people can choose to consciously change their brain and their neural circuitry.

I invite you to grab on to the life vest of gratitude, use the tools of Spinning Gratitude outlined in my book The Art of Radical Gratitude, and enjoy the ride of your life. The time is now and the waves are increasing!


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