As of March 15, 2011, the Fukushima nuclear reactor has emitted toxic radiation levels that are 400 times the legal limit. When will we wake up and stop using such deadly substances for energy and for war? Hopefully we can take this tragic event and use it to shift our consciousness, change our thinking and create new ways of producing energy.

The tragedy in Fukushima, Japan is everybody’s problem. I hear the authorities saying the danger only covers a 20-mile radius. I don’t think that is the truth. The truth is it covers the whole world. Add this radiation exposure to all the nuclear tests, the leaking storage containers of nuclear waste on earth and in the ocean, and we have a huge problem. This radiation has the possibility to be in everyone’s body.

In my decades of working with the plutonium radiation in my body, what I continually come up against is the arrogance of man-made substances. The plutonium-239 in these nuclear reactors is man-made, and has no natural basis to be here on earth. Mankind does not have the intelligence to see or predict the implications of what we are creating.

Plutonium, when found in my body, has an energy that is difficult to permeate. The arrogance inherently connected with plutonium is unnatural. All of this dissolves when surrounded with spinning with gratitude and forgiveness. Gratitude has no side effects, no warnings on the label, and no stockpiled waste. It is free, available all over the world and requires no special training.


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