Instead of hiding my age, I’m flaunting it! By some miracle I’m still alive. I can walk and talk, even though at 50 I couldn’t string four words together in a sentence, and at 25 I couldn’t walk. For years my nightly prayer was to die to escape the pain and horror.

And here I am at 70, lively, full of joy, healthier than ever, exuding inner peace. With age I’m stepping into a fuller me, a me that doesn’t care what others think. I feel free, expanded, opening more completely into my true Self. Knowing the end is nearing is freedom and aliveness.

An expansion into a joy I’ve never known. There is no wrong way to live my life, just the possibility to stretch into the unknown beyond the limits of who I’m supposed to be. For most of my life the world was my oyster. I assumed there was time to achieve all of my dreams. I felt I could do whatever I wanted, be however I wanted to be and live anywhere in the world I chose. I’m approaching the end. I’m realizing there are things I’ll never do. Ideas of who I could be have escaped my current abilities.

Now, I thank the roles I’ve lived, let go of the fleeting glances of old dreams, and open to new possibilities. I’m in the dance between desire, conscious intention, my creativity and the universe. How will this next scene play out? An internal force, so much bigger than the small me, drives me forward, propels me to evolve and live. Years ago I never would have expected my life to turn out the way it has. I’ve lived a magnificent life full of excitement, massive pain, adventure, and challenges. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing.

Here are a few highlights from past birthdays! On my 25th birthday in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, my right leg was in a cast from my hips to my toes. The doctors warned, “You may never walk again.” I didn’t believe them. On my 30th birthday I trekked up 18,500’ to the base of Mt. Everest. I was the assistant leader on the first Mt. Everest clean-up trek, where we picked up garbage and built dumpsites. At 30 I became one of the first women white water river guides, and rowed boats down the countries wildest rivers. On my 32nd birthday I flew in a private 4-seater plane to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico stayed in a 36’ teak yacht and watched the whales migrate off the coast of Baja. On my 48th birthday I sat in a cave in Mt Arunachala, India and experienced a state of divine ecstasy and nirvana for eight days. At 50, after an accident, my brain stopped functioning for over a year. At my party I didn’t have the capacity to string words together to make a sentence. I couldn’t add or subtract. I was a vegetable. Everyday I sat comatose watching sunlight move across the wall. At 64 I moved to magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

My time is running out. I’m sliding into home plate. So, what do I want to do in my remaining time, with my current physical abilities? How do I create 70? What is the burning issue I need to address before I transition into another dimension? The unexpected is waiting to manifest. Stay tuned . . . What about you? Are you living your dreams? It’s time for you to go for it and live an exceptional life! Are you ready to live your passion?

Many Blessings,

Dr Cynthia


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