According to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. your subconscious mind is running your life. The subconscious has 40,000,000 nerve impulses per second and runs 95% of the day, while the self-conscious fires 40 nerve impulses per second and runs 5% of the day. So, 95% of your daily activity is subconscious. We really are not aware what is hanging out down there.

During the first 6 years of your life your brain functions in delta state, which is a hypnogogic trance state with no discrimination. Everything you learn in the first 6 years is absorbed and becomes the fundamental truth. This subconscious programming runs your life unless you change it.

This is also the time you learn self-identity. If you were told that you are bad, wrong or stupid these messages are imprinted on the membranes and you will keep repeating the same patterns until the membranes are cleared and transformed. The past will keep re-creating until you transform your membranes and the subconscious mind. For more information visit Dr. Cynthia Miller’s website.

The collective subconscious is filled with patterns and thoughts of war, hatred, fear, anger, and revenge. As we each start to clear out those ancient patterns out of our brains and bodies, a shift in the collective subconscious can occur. This shift will lead to a world filled with more harmony and peace.

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